Ray RiceBaltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice got caught.  The video of his violence against his then fiancé, now wife Janay Palmer has offended every compassionate person that has seen it.  Evening news has been consumed with the story, and it is everywhere on social media.

As it should be.

Ray Rice is a metaphor of our times.  He stands for anyone who objectifies another human being and turns them into something else such as a punching bag, an object of abuse, or something to be taken advantage of sexually or in some other way.  While the violence of Ray Rice is not to be diminished, I would say the doorway into that violence is objectification. Continue Reading »

On Reading

printingpressMark Twain said it.  A man who does not read good books has no advantage over a man who cannot read them.”

The first printing press was first used in China in 1041-1048.  Korea discovered it in 1377. Movable type was discovered by Gutenberg in Germany in 1450, and from there it went global.  Printing was a sea change in world communication.

Before movable type and the printing press, there was no such thing as a daily newspaper, a school text book, or a printed Bible.  Without the printing press Sir Isaac Newton would have been a relative unknown.  Continue Reading »

Someone has to stop!

Yazidis 04Yazdis are a minority people in Iraq.  Not part of the majority religion.  Not belonging to a majority ethnic group.  No one to represent them in the government.  Isolated to a small area in Northern Iraq.

The terrorist group, Isis, has been persecuting them.  Reports say that at least 500 Yazidis, including 40 children, have been killed in recent attacks.  Extremist Muslims call the Yazidis “devil worshipers” and use that designation as justification for raping, brutalizing, and killing them, including their innocent little children. Continue Reading »

A Pantoum

“I prayed to the universe,” she said.

She believed that rocks and dust could do.

But rocks and dust have no consciousness.

Doing requires planning and creation.


She believed that rocks and dust could do.

But rocks just lay in place until they are used. Continue Reading »

Things Bella Taught Me

20130903_181810Bella thinks she owns us. And we enable her megalomania.

Proof of her self-consciousness is her voice. On the end of the couch, Bella gave her low-muffled “grrr” as if to say to Bev, “Get out-of-the-way, I want to lay between you and Dad.” Later, sitting upright on the floor, she gave her really shrill yippy bark as if to say, “You’re not paying attention to me; quit what you’re doing now.”

The thing that really slays me is her stare. Large brown eyes and long eyelashes saying, “Will you play with me?” I’m a sucker for that, and that is what caused a recent visit to the chiropractor. Continue Reading »

There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by. Annie Dillard. http://ht.ly/ymKad

Ode to Proverbs 15

Fool 02Fools talk incessantly
Words spill out like water from a broken main
Meaningless, destructive, out-of-place
Disconnected from good sense.

Fools hate wisdom
Because it points out their folly
And dares to curtail their
Impulses and unfettered desires. Continue Reading »

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