The Angel

angel 02Matthew didn’t identify him – just “an angel.”

Matthew said that this angel rolled back the mill-stone door of the tomb of Jesus and was sitting on it when the two Mary’s arrived.  Luke said that Joanna was there too.  They came expecting to have the awful task of putting aromatic spices on a body already beginning to decay – a measure of the love that they had for this dead one.

The Roman guards that were supposed to be guarding the door of the tomb were dumbstruck by the angel’s presence.  Who wouldn’t be?  A giant mill stone moved about like a marble.  An angel sitting on the door like he was taking a coffee break.  The people who were supposed to insure against anything fishy were lying in a stupporous heap against the tomb. Continue Reading »

Being Changed

Violin 01The virtuoso caresses her violin,
And the two merge into one – flesh and spruce.
Chin hugging the wooden body,
Strings teased by flesh into singing their melodies.

No magic this violinist’s craft.
She did not wake one morning
With Tchaikovsky flowing from her fingers.
For years she courted and romanced the music. Continue Reading »


blindness 02See that tree?
What’s a tree?
You know, with the limbs and branches,
Reaching up to the sky.
What’s the sky?

Physical blindness can’t be hidden
By bravado or denial
By pretending to have vision
Because sooner or later someone
Will call you out and ask, See that tree? Continue Reading »

What do you want?

Our daughter thought that going to private school was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

She painted a good picture of how hard life was at her junior high school. She begged and pleaded to make the switch, as soon as possible.

When the new school year came, she had not changed her mind, so we kept our promise to transfer her to the private school of her dreams. At mid-year in the private school, amid tears, she begged to go back to her old school. Life was not as ethereal as she had dreamed, and she hated the private school.

Continue Reading »

new-york-times-best-seller-list-imageThe internet lit up recently with story after story about a Seattle pastor who used over $200,000 of his megachurch’s money to buy his way on to the New York Times best seller list. It’s bad enough for any author to attempt such a deceit, but it’s more painful when it’s a person making claims about representing Jesus. The criticisms of such behaviors get “enhanced” much like the prison sentence of a person using a gun for a crime or belonging to a criminal street gang. Continue Reading »


Sometime life is Escher-like,
Stairs that seem to go up or down don’t.
Architecture breaks all the rules,
And walls morph.

Upside down is right side up;
People passing each other
Are going up and down
As if there are no gravitational laws. Continue Reading »

Pay your bills, or else!

Forgiveness 01The story is too awful to consider.

A rich man decided to call in the debts of a slave who was so buried by them he couldn’t pay them back in even 10 lifetimes.  Yet in a twisted sense of justice the master says, “Pay your bills or else.”

“Or else I will sell you, your wife, your little children and all of your possessions in order to recover some of what you owe me.”  Presumably this would be the end of their life as a family, and the slave could only imagine what terrible things were in store for his pathetic little family. Continue Reading »

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