I discovered something last night. Well… Maybe it wasn’t so much a discovery as a reflection. It was about 11:30 PM, and Bev and I were crawling in bed after being at a party.

I spent the evening in 4-5 conversations. What struck me was that I do not normally see the people I was conversing with during my usual week. We run in different circles.

In a previous life, I would have never had these conversations because I ran primarily in one circle. My life was pretty much focused at a church campus and what happened there.

So as I crawled in bed a question started to focus in my mind, and it was Who do you want to talk to? The answer to that question shapes the way you interact with the world around you. If you want to talk to everyone, then you join, network, interact, notice, and become involved in as many ways as possible with society.

If you only want to talk to a few people, then a small group, or a church, or an office, or a coffee shop is enough. I decided last night that if a Christian wants to talk to everyone, then staying on a campus is no longer an option. The whole world lies at the doorstep, not inside.